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Biological Engineering Research and Review

an official Journal of the SB Publications (a unit of Shanti Braj Educational & Welfare Society)

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Prof. D.V. Rai                                   

Ph.D. (JNU, New Delhi)    




About Journal

The Journal of Biological Engineering Research and Review (JBERR) is a multidisciplinary, biannually published, open access, peer-reviewed, online scientific journal. The aim of JBERR is to serve as a means for updating the scientific knowledge of the International Researcher in the pharmaceutical and Biomedical forum. The goal of this journal is to keep a record of the state-of-the-art research and to promote study, research, and improvement within its various specialties. 

JBERR is dedicated to propagate quality learning and disseminate information to all. With the specific focus on quality learning and disseminating information in the field of biological engineering and technology, the journal aims to publish high quality – papers that would be the interest for all including educators, researchers, and practitioners. The journals is expected to be informative and practical oriented that would elaborate on the methods and techniques and goals of the research. All manuscripts submitted to JBERR must be previously unpublished and may not be considered for publication elsewhere.
Aims and Activities

The Journal of Biological Engineering Research and Review (JBERR) wants to become a prominent publishing place in Biological Sciences and Engineering by bringing together the important advances in the discipline and enhancing their visibility by means of opinion and research/review articles.

The objective of this journal is to disseminate the latest findings and scientific advances. These publications enhance the journal’s reputation as an important participant in the world of the natural sciences. It highlights some specifications.

● Publishing with us brings a dynamic opportunity to benefit from the contemporary and latest scientific publishing model then we are flexible to maneuver between the author and publications.

● Our aim to build a mutually beneficial and long-term relationship with our authors and beneficiaries, we are committed to offering full support throughout the publishing and the post-publishing process.

● We invite you to actively participate in and contribute to JBERR, a scientific journal and novel tool for the advancement of life science and natural science research on your experiments.

● Own scientific publications are exchanged with other research centers, institute, and academics which allows increased library on natural science knowledge.

● JBERR provides an active platform to the scholar scientists for publishing and distributing their research work worldwide with all possible channels.



Across the biological sciences and engineering, Journal of Biological Engineering Research and Review will cover materials, methods, devices, systems, processes, and technology that facilitate the understanding of Biological Sciences, Engineering and Technology. Other than the above topics, any contributions concerning hot issues and technological developments that help to reach the purpose are also included. 





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